Bulletin law and notaries.Year 7. No. 44. (November 2, 1914)

Bulletin of law and notary: weekly.journal: Property, notarism, court.- Moscow: B. and.-.Electronic Source: PBYear 7. No. 44. (November 2, 1914).- 1914. -1293-1325 p.: Tab .. -Content: 1. Persecution of spying in Germany / Prof.P.I.Lublin.2. War and justice: (to the question of the legal status on the court of social speech by Power) / S.A.Belyatskin.3. The ratio of Russian legislation to urgent transactions with securities / E. Danilov.4. Restriction of the rights to acquire and use by real estate property of subjective enemy states by law 22 Sep.1914 / I. Volman.5. From the life of the lawyer: a new method of receiving the jury attorneys [and others]..Electronic Source: PB
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