Bulletin law.Year 7. No. 48. (November 30, 1914)

Bulletin of law: the law of lawyer, notaries, courts: a weekly magazine published in Moscow.- Moscow, 1913-1917.-Zl.: 1907/1908 Notary;1909-1913 № 39 Bulletin of law and notaries.In 1917, No. 35/52, the publication ceased.Red. - ed.: 1913 No. 40-1917 No. 28/30 Ed.I. S. Uryson and O. S. Uryson.Published in Moscow, under the nearest participation: P. I. Astrov, A. E. Worms, N. K. Muravyova, S. P. Orda and N. N. Polyansky.Papagination: from 1913 No. 40 Papagination continued, p. 2097-3474;Since 1914 Pagaze is annual, 1268-1564 pp.Periodicity: 1910-1916 52 rooms per year.- out.Since 1913 No. 40.Decree.Content: for 1912-1916 Annual pointers.DepartureVol.30 STB.(35 p.);For 1914-1916 in the last issue of acc.of the year..1. Power (collection).2. Domestic serial and continuing editions (collection).3. Right - History - Russia - Periodicals.4. Legal journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries ..BBK 67.3 (2) y52Year 7. No. 48. (November 30, 1914).- 1914. -1421-1452 p.: Tab .. -Contacts: 1. Questions of the day: (to the application of the law on the right of development) / D.M.Mother.2. Rules published by the Moscow Mountains.Control on things forgotten in cars tram and the discovery law / A. Vinaver.3. To the interpretation of Article 163 of the mouth.Angle.Court: (From the practice of the Moscow World Congress) / N. Polyansky.4. About exchange brokers and notaries / I. Volman.5. From the life of the lawyer.1. Novocherkassky district.2. Kazan district [and others]..Electronic Source: PB

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