Seven court speeches on political affairs

Spasovich, Vladimir Danilovich (1829-1906).
Seven judicial speeches on political affairs: (1877-1887) / VD. Savior. - St. Petersburg: V. Vrublevsky, 1908. - [8], 229 p. ; 22. -
Ed. also under zagl .: Seven court speeches in criminal cases.
Contents: 1. The case of 193 persons; 2. The case of Mrovinsky, Teglev and Fursov - about undermining Maly Sadovaya Street; 3. The case of Yuri Bogdanovich and Pribylevy; 4. The case of Vera Filippova, Chemodanova and others; 5. The case of the Warsaw "Proletariat"; 6. The case of the murder of the merchant Bohovskaya in Pskov; 7. The case of Herman Lopatin, Petr Yakubovich and other 19 persons.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher В. Врублевский

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