Historical study of Western Russia, who serves as preface to documents explaining the history of the West Russian region and his...

Koyavilovich, Mikhail Iosifovich (1828-1891).The historical study of Western Russia, which is preface to the documents explaining the history of the West-Russian Territory and its relations to Russia and to Poland.- St. Petersburg: Type.E. Pratka, 1865. -cciii with.: IL.;27. -Tit.l.and text paral.to rus.And Franz.Yaz.From Preport: "Collected documents and comp. Study of a member of the commission. M. Kojalaovich. Documents and research per. For Franz. Yaz. V. Polivanov and L. Chusset.Bibliogr.in notes..I. Polivans, in .. Ii.Close, Lavrenty Markovich.III.Koyavilovich, Mikhail Osipovich (1828-1891).Electronic Source: PB
Publisher тип. Э. Праца

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