Report of the Zabaia district of Zemskiy counsel about monetary circulation on the Zemsky sums .... for the 1911th estimated yea...

Zabaia district Zemskaya gloom.Report of the Zabaiasky district of Zemskiy counseling about the monetary turnover of the Zemsky Amount ... - Ryazan, 1869-1916.- 22-34.-Stall.Reports: for 1871: Reports, Estimation and Laying of the Zemsky Collection ... on Zaraskysky Neudu;For 1875-1881: Report of the Zagaigskaya Zemskaya Governance and projects: estimates of expenses and layouts of the ZemSOVA;For 1892, 1894-1895: Report of the Zabaia district of Zemskaya Governance on the arrival and consumption of county farms;Over a number of years old.changePlace ed.Parts of reports: Zaraisk, Moscow..Electronic Source: PBFor the 1911th estimated year.- A type.N.V.Lubomudova, 1912. -211 s .. -.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Тип. Н.В. Любомудрова

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