Reports of the 50th Regular Ryazan provincial Zemsky Assembly

Reports of the 50th Regular Ryazan Gubernsky Zemsky Assembly / Sanitary Departure of the Ryazan Lip.Earth.counters.- [Ryazan: Type.N.V.Lubomudova, 1914].-36 s .. -Content: on the activities of the medical and sanitary organization of the provincial land in 1914.At the request of the wife of the deceased epidemic doctor KKRzhonsnitsky Elena Alekseevna Rzhonsnitskoy about issuing a manual established for families of medical personnel.At the request of the peasantry of the Kujuvsk suburban settlement of the city of Agafia Fedorova Fastovsky's extradition after the death of her son Grigory Bystrov from rapid typhus.On the invitation of sanitary doctors.About hospital capital.On Amendments to the system of life of the provincial Zemstvo hospital..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Тип. Н.В. Любомудрова

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