Magazines and reports. XLVII regular ... 1911, December 7-17

The Ryazan Lip. agrarian conference. (1911).
Magazines and reports / Ryazan. lips. zemstvo council. Lips. agr. meeting at Ryazan. lips. zemstvo board from the 18th to the 20th June 1911. - Ryazan, 1911. -Razd. pag., 1 liter. Table. ; 23. - .
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XLVII regular ... 1911, December 7-17. - A type. N.V. Lubomudrova, 1912. -XLIV, 615 pp. -
Attached to this: Annexes to the journals of the 47th regular Ryazan Provincial Zemstvo Assembly (December 1911).
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Publisher Тип. Н.В. Любомудрова

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