... Iconography of Alexander I on medals

Chizhov, Sergey Ivanovich (1870-).
Iconography of Alexander I on medals / S. Chizhov. - Moscow: type. G. Lissner and D. Sobko, 1912.-81, [2] pp., 13 liters. yl. : ill., Port. ; 28. -
Bibliography: "Literature of the subject" (pp. 10-11). - Ott. from 2 volumes. "Numismatical collection", ed. Moscow. numismatist. about-in. - Supplement to Alexander I's iconography on medals. -M.: Synodal type., 1914.-Ott. from 3 volumes "Numismatic collection", ed. Moscow. numismatic. about.
I. Alexander I (Imp, 1777-1825).
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. Г. Лисснера и Д. Собко

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