The Civil Code of the RSFSR

The RSFSR. Laws.
Civil Code of the RSFSR: With article-systematized materials / Comp. and otred. collectively by the employees of the NKJ and Upper. The courts of the RSFSR A. Brolnitsky, A. Ganin, S. Zaitsev, V. Izvolensky and V. Lebedev under the general ed. S. Aleksandrovsky; With the pref. J. Brandenburg. - M.: Jurid. Publishing House of the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR, 1925. -1200 s .. -
Sist. decree. lit .: with. 1083-1114. - Chronol. list: with. 1115-1116. - Alf.-predm. decree .: p. 1117-1197.
I. Brolnitsky, A. .. II. Ganin, A. .. III. Zaitsev, S. .. IV. V. Izvolensky, V. .. V. Lebedev, V. .. VI. Alexandrovsky, S .. VII. Brandenburg, I ..
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Юрид. изд-во Наркомюста РСФСР

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