Syndicates in the Russian iron industry

Kafengauz, Lev Borisovich (1885-1940).
Syndicates in the Russian iron industry: Concerning the concentration of pr-va in Russia / L.B. Kafengauz; [Foreword: I.M. Goldstein]. - Moscow: type. t-va ID Sytin, 1910.-VIII, 268 p. ; 21. - (Seminar on Political Economy at the Faculty of Law of Moscow University, Section headed by IM Goldstein. [Proceedings of Seminars ...], Issue 2). -
Bibliography: "Index of Literary Sources" (pp. 264-268).
I. Goldstein, Joseph Markovich (1868 -).
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. Т-ва И.Д. Сытина

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