Selected works of Jeremiah Bentham. T. 1. Introduction to the foundation of morality and legislation

Bentham, Jeremiah (1748-1832).
Selected works of Jeremiah Bentham / Trans. in English. ed. Bowring and Fr. Dumont, A.N. Pypin and A.N. Nevedomsky. T. 1-. - St. Petersburg: Rus. books. Trade, 1867. - 22. - (Library of classical Western European writers in Russian translation) .
I. Pypin, Alexander Nikolayevich (1833-1904). II. Nevedomsky, A.N.
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Т. 1: An Introduction to the Foundation of Morality and Legislation: The Basic Principles of the Criminal Code / From the Preface. SOUTH. Zhukovsky. - 1867. - [8], LXII, [2], 678 s .. - .
I. Zhukovsky, Julius Galaktionovich (1833-1907).
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