Archives of Prince FA. Kurakina, edited by Ed. M.I. Semevsky. Book. 3. [Paper of Prince Boris Ivanovich Kurakin

Archives of Prince FA. Kurakina, edited by Ed. M.I. Semevsky: The book. 1-10. - St. Petersburg: type. V.S. Balasheva, 1890-1902. - 24. -
Place of publishing: book. 4-8 Saratov; book. 9 Astrakhan; book. 10 Moscow.
Type .: book. 4-8 print of Yakovlev; book. 9 The Steam Lip. a type.; book. 10 tip-lit. Grosman and Wendelstein.
Red. book. 3. .: M.I. Semevsky and VN Smolyaninov; book. 4-10: V.N. Smolyaninov.
The book. 3-10 ed. book. OA Kurakin.
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I. Semevsky, Mikhail Ivanovich (1837-1892). II. Smolyaninov, Vladimir Nikolaevich (1861-). III. Kurakin, Fedor Alekseevich (1842 -).
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Book. 3: [Paper of Prince Boris Ivanovich Kurakin. Charters, orders, decrees, letters of the tsar and the imp. Peter I. The most recent notes, drafts and reports, articles and notes on various subjects, diplomatic memoirs and correspondence of Prince. B.I. Kurakina. Materials on the history of l.-G. Semenovsky Regiment ... - 1892.-XIX, 438, XIII p., 2 liters. portraiture. : il .. - .
I. Peter I (Empress, 1671-1725). II. Kurakin, Boris Ivanovich.
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Publisher типография В. С. Балашева
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