Pedagogical articles of three periods: 60's, 70's and last time

Tolstoy, Lev Nikolaevich (1828-1910).
Pedagogical articles of three periods: 60's, 70's and last time / L.N. Tolstoy. - Moscow: type. t-va ID Sytin, 1912. -423 p. ; 20. - (Library of LN Tolstoy under the editorship of PI Biryukov, No. 7). -
Contents: From the Editorial Board / P. B [Iryukov]. The first pedagogical period: Letter L [vva] N [Ikolaevi] cha to E.P. Kovalevsky; To the public; On public education: On methods of teaching literacy; Draft general plan for the organization of public schools; Upbringing and education; Progress and definition of education; To whom should one learn to write: to the peasant children from us, or to us from peasant children ?; Clearly Polyanskaya school: Second pedagogical period: General remarks for the teacher; Excerpt from the letter gr. L.N. Tolstoy to Mrs. [E.I. Mengden, from February. 1875]; About public education: The third pedagogical period: About religious education; Thoughts about education; On a free school: From a letter to P.I. B [Iryuko] wu; Conversations with children on moral issues; On education: Letter 1; About education: Letter 2; What is the main task of the teacher?.
I. Biryukov, Pavel Ivanovich (1860-1931).
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