Notary Herald. October 15, 1904 No. 52

Notary Herald: Weekly. scientific-practical. magazine: With apl. Monthly. adj. decisions of the criminal and civil. ca. d-tv and the general meeting rules. Senate, dealing mainly with judicial-notarial practice: Year 1. - [Moscow: T-borechech. A.A. Levenson] .
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October 15, 1904 No. 52. - [1904]. -16 with .. -
Contents: Advice of notaries and their congresses: (Continued) / [Op.] P. Podgoretsky. On the right of sale from the auction of urban property / [So.] Notary Shtranich. On the right of Jews to rent immovable property by law on May 10, 1903 / [Notable] K. Shchukin, notary. To the rights of Jews to lease land under the law on May 10, 1903 / [Com.] Gr. Idler. Notarial curiosities / [Notable] of notary A. Ivanitsky [and others].
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Т-во скоропеч. А.А. Левенсон]

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