Notary Herald. December 18, 1903 No. 11

Notary Herald: Weekly. scientific-practical. magazine: With apl. Monthly. adj. decisions of the criminal and civil. ca. d-tv and the general meeting rules. Senate, dealing mainly with judicial-notarial practice: Year 1. - [Moscow: T-borechech. A.A. Levenson]. - .
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December 18, 1903, No. 11. - [1903]. -20 s .. -
Contents: 1. Certification of the authenticity of signatures / [Com.] N. Tovstolesa. 2. Concerning the draft of a new notary fee / [Com.] Notary Smirnov. 3. On the day of protest bills on the new bill of exchange, art. 41 / [Comp] of the notary Baranovsky. 4. The Orthodox Parish - is it a legal entity, or an executive body of a legal entity - a church? (ending) / [Com.] A. Chaga. 5. The execution by the heirs and their guardians of the data on the estates purchased from the auction by the testator / [Notable] of the notary of Belozvetov, [and others].
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Т-во скоропеч. А.А. Левенсон]

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