Journal of the Ministry of Justice. 1874 year. January February

Journal of the Ministry of Justice. - St. Petersburg: The Senate. type.
1874 year. January-February: Year 15: Appl. to the "Court Herald". - A type. A. Dumashevsky, 1874.-Ed. pag .. -
According to. Issue: Judicial Journal, former Journal of the Ministry of Justice.
Contents: The experience of the systematic presentation of the Russian civil process on the statutes on November 20. 1. The subject of civil proceedings / [Comp.] A. Dumashevsky. Personal and property relations of spouses / [Op.] Orshansky. Ancient cities of Russia / [So.] A. Kistyakovskogo. A survey of Polish legal literature for 1872, mainly on criminal law / [Com.] V. Miklyashevsky. Foreign legal journals for 1873 / [Com.] L. Slonimsky. Cassation proceedings in criminal cases / [Com.] Bernard. On obligations under the Roman and Russian law according to Windsheed.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. А. Думашевского

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