Journal of the Ministry of Justice. 1875 year. [No. 9/10]. September October

Journal of the Ministry of Justice. - St. Petersburg: The Senate. type.
1875 year. [No. 9/10]. September-October: Appl. to the "Court Herald": Year 17. - St. Petersburg: Type. ON. Lebedev, 1875.-259-323, 25-45, 20 with. , [2] with .. -
According to. Issue: Judicial Journal, former Journal of the Ministry of Justice.
Contents: The Experience of the Commentary on the Charter of Civil Procedure: (Continued) / [Com.] K. Annenkova. On the invalidity of legal acts on decisions of the cassation senate: (Continuation) / [Comp.] Gr. Verblovsky. On the Obligation to Reporting / [Com.] M. Mysha. 1. Lectures on criminal law and legal proceedings, read by Boatar: App. 2. Instructions for the management of the St. Petersburg House of Preliminary Detention, submitted to the Senate Administration by the Governor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on July 8: Attached
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. Н.А. Лебедева

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