Smirnov, Ivan Nikolayevich (1856-1904).
Cheremis: East-ethnogr. essay / I.N. Smirnov. - Kazan: type. Un-ta, 1889. - [2], II, 265 p. ; 24. - ([Eastern Finns: Volga, or Bulgar group: Historical and ethnographic essays by I. Smirnov, Ch. 1], T. 1). -
Before closing. avt .: I.N. Smirnov.
With. 238-265 are labeled erroneously: 228-255.
In the book. Also: Studies on the dialects of the Cheremician language. 1 / [Com.] By Dr. M. Veske (dated tit.). - Bibliography: "A review of the literature on the Cheremis" (pp. 236-265). - Perepech. from Izvestia of the Kazan Islands of Archeology, History and Ethnography. " 1889, v. 7.
I. Kashkarov, Vasily Mikhailovich.
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