Alexander Timofeevich Nikolsky (1821-1876)

Gorchakov, Mikhail Ivanovich (1838-1910).
Alexander Timofeevich Nikolsky (1821-1876): The Parish. saint. Entry to Jerusalem. (Znamenska) church in St. Petersburg: Essay on life and work. - St. Petersburg: Tipo-lit. J. Stein, 1878. - [4], VIII, 390, II p., 1 p. front. (portrait). -
Author. in the book. not specified; established by izd .: Rodossky A. Biogr. the dictionary of students of the first XXVIII courses of St. Petersburg. perfume. acad. St. Petersburg, 1907. P. 116.
I. Nikolsky, Alexander Timofeevich (1821-1876).
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher типо-лит. Ю. Штейн

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