... The Belarusian-Lithuanian Polesie

Rudnev, Yakov Ivanovich
... Belarusian-Lithuanian Polesie: According to the "Ethnography of Russia" L. Vesin and other sources sost. ME AND. Rudnev. - 2 nd ed. -Saint Petersburg: type. P. Martynov, 1899. -256 pp., 1 liters. kart. ; 19. - (Parish Library, edited by VI Shemyakin, Russian land (Nature of the country, population and its industries) Collection for folk reading, T. 7) .
1. Ethnography of Russia. Vesin, Leonid Pavlovich (1850-1895).
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. П. Мартынова

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