A Treatise on Two Sarmatians

Mekhovsky, Matvey (1457-1523).
A Treatise on Two Sarmatians / introduction, translation and commentary by SA Anninsky; [executive secretary of Acad. BD Grekov]. - Moscow; Leningrad: Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1936.-X, 288 pp., 2 liters. Fax. ; 23 cm .- (Izvestiya of foreigners about the peoples of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Institute of History). -
The text is parallel in Russian and Latin.
Printed by the order of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.
Index of personal names: p. 267-273. - Index of geographical names: p. 274-288.
I. Anninsky, Sergei Alexandrovich (1891-1942 / 43). II. Grekov, Boris Dmitrievich (1882-1953) .1. Territory (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russia and the countries of the world (collection). 4. Rossica (collection). 5. Europe Eastern - Description and travel Polish.
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