Ethnographic Review. 1911, № 3-4. Book. 90-91

Ethnographic review: Izd. Ethnogr. ord. Imp. The island of lovers of natural science, anthropology and ethnography, consisting of Moscow. un-te. - Moscow: B. and., 1912. - .
I. The Imperial Society of Lovers of Natural Science, Anthropology and Ethnography (until 1917, Moscow). Ethnographic department.
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1911, № 3-4. Book. 90-91: Year 23 / Ed. chairman of the department V.F. Miller, Comrade. chairman of NA. Yanchuk and Secretary V.V. Bogdanova. - A type. Imp. Moscow. University, 1912. -300 s .. -
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I. Bogdanov, V.V. .. II. Yanchuk, NA. III. Miller, VF ..
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