Russian antiquity. 1907 [T. 130. Book. 5-6]. May June

Russian antiquity: months. east. ed., Rel. Jan. 1 1870 - St. Petersburg: B. and., 1907. - .
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1907 [T. 130. Book. 5-6]. May-June: Year 38. - Typo-lit. "Hope", 1907. -225-673 p., 2 liters. portraiture. : пл., tab. -
Contents: Kn. 5: Port Arthur squadron on the eve of the death / [Com.] A. Belomor. Marina Mniszek and the second impostor. War for the independence of the Slavs in 1877-1878. / [Comp.] Zotova. Ardagan Detachment: Memories of the War of 1877-1878 / [Com.] K.V. Komarova. From the annals of the Russian fleet: (Letter sailor) / Mash. D. Uspensky, [and others]; Book. 6: Baron Arthur Pavlovich Morenheim and his role in the Franco-Russian rapprochement (in the memoirs of Yu. Ganzen 1884-1898). The Polish Polish insurrection in 1877 / [Comp.] GA. Vorobyov. The Holstein question and Russia's policy on the Baltic Sea in the first half of the 18th century / / Com.] M. Polievktov. Church taxes and ways of levying them at the beginning of the XVIII century / Mlad. Ivan Gilyarevsky. Notes VA. Insara, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. Notes .. - Библиогр. leaflet: with. 2-3 reg.
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Publisher Типо-лит. "Надежда"

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