Russian antiquity. 1887 [T. 54. Book. 6]. June

Russian antiquity: Monthly. east. Ed., founded on Jan. 1. 1870 - St. Petersburg: B. and., 1887. - .
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1887 [T. 54. Book. 6]. June: Year 18. - Type. V.S. Balasheva, 1887. -563-812, VI with. : portraits .. -
Contents: Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev, 1686-1750. / Message. prof. YES. Korsakov. Catherine II in correspondence with Dr. Zimmermann, 1784-1791: (End): Essay prof. A.G. Brikner. Remarks on Notes on Russia gene. Manstein, ed. in 1879 under the name of Count Peter Panin, 1725-1744: Issled. AND I. Jurgenson / Transl. with him. manuscripts of V.V. Tymoshchuk. Challenge to the duel Book. Metternich by Emperor Alexander I / Soobshch. A.A. Chumikov. Notes of Nikolai Nikiforovich Murzakevich. Ch. 16-17 / With a comment. book. V.D. Dabija, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. Notes .. - Библиогр. leaflet: with. 2-3 reg.
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Publisher Тип. В.С. Балашева

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