... History of revolutionary movements in Russia

Thun, Alphonse (1854-1886).
... The history of revolutionary movements in Russia: With memories of A. Tune L. Deutsch, predstisl. G. Plekhanov, article: "The Eighties" by D. Koltsov, "On Social Democracy in Russia" G. Plekhanov and the Note. P. Lavrova / A. Tun; Trans. Vera Zasulich, D. Koltsova and others - [St. Petersburg]: Izd. "B-ki for everyone" О.N. Rutenberg, [1906]. -XXVI, 3-392 pp. ; 20. -
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I. Zasulich, Vera Ivanovna (1849-1919). II. Koltsov, D. (1863-1920). III. Lavrov, Peter Lavrovich (1823-1900). IV. Plekhanov, Georgy Valentinovich (1856-1918). V. Deitch, Lev Grigorievich (1855-1941).
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Publisher Изд. "Б-ки для всех" О.Н. Рутенберг

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