Workers' Court. 1925 No. 9-10

Workers' Court: Izd. Leningr. lips. court. - Leningrad: B. and., 1925. - .
I. Leningrad Province Court.
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1925 No. 9-10: Year 3. - [Type. "Workers' Court"], 1925. -365-436 stb. : il., tab. -
Contents: Welcome to the VI Provincial Congress of Workers of Soviet Justice: Welcome. The second year of work of the Leningrad provincial court / F.М. Nahimson. From the work of the Leningrad Gubernia Prosecutor's Office in 1924 / I. Krastin. Notes on the two-year work of the Civil Division of the Leningrad Gubzud / Ya. Ozolin. Pre-Congress mood / F. Nelyubin. The prospective agenda of the Sixth Provincial Congress of Soviet Justice Workers, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note
. -15000 copies. .
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Publisher [Тип. "Рабочий суд"]

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