Workers' Court. 1926 No. 21. November

Workers' Court: Izd. Leningr. lips. court. - Leningrad: B. and., 1925. - .
I. Leningrad Province Court.
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1926 No. 21. November: Year 4. - [Typo-lit. ЛИСН], 1926. -1265-1328 стб .. -
Contents: About the termination of the criminal cases raised in the order of private prosecution / Prev. Cas. collegium by angle. affairs of Vershud of the RSFSR M. Chelyshev. Regulations on Military Tribunals and the Military Prosecutor's Office / Prev. Voen. Collegium of Verkhsuda of the USSR V. Ulrich. Issues of combating hooliganism at meetings on combating crime: Outcomes and perspectives on the materials of the Prosecutor's Office of the RSFSR / Prosecutor at the NKJ A. Chernyshev. Quality of the judicial report and chronicles / M. Pershin. Litigation and Press / P. Yakovenko, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note
. -12000 copies. .
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher [Типо-лит. ЛИСН]

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