Proletarian court. 1924 No. 3. September

Proletarian Court: Organ Mosk. gubzud. - Moscow: B. and., 1926. - .
I. Moscow Province Court.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
1924 No. 3. September: Year 3. - [Type. 1 st Art School for them. "October Revolution"], 1924. -40 p. : ill., tab. -
Contents: Tasks of the court in the village / I. Smirnov. Labor law in judicial practice. 2. Issues of dismissal / E. Anderson. On the tasks of revision / G. Segal. Provincial investigative apparatus and its prospects / Orlov. On the themes of the day / Alexandrov, [and others].
. -6000 copies. .
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher [Тип. 1-й Артшколы им. "Кр. Октября"]

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