Soviet justice. 1933 No. 10. May

Soviet Justice: Body of the NKJ of the RSFSR. - Moscow: B. and., 1931. - .
I. The RSFSR. People's Commissariat of Justice.
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1933 No. 10. May. - Sov. Legislation, 1933. -24 pp. -
Contents: Tasks of the Soviet court in the new situation: (From the report of Comrade Soltz at the All-Union Party Conference on Judicial Work). Checking the rows / Nurin. Important organizational tasks of the justice bodies of the RSFSR / Efimochkin. Results of the contest for the best people. The People's Court of the Dzerzhinsky District of the Gorky Region in the struggle for the industrial plan / Kotylev, [and others].
Source of the electronic copy: PB
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