Materials on the study of the Perm region. Issue. 5. [The Stroganov cross

Perm Scientific and Industrial Museum.
Materials on the study of the Perm Territory / [Otv. Ed. before. The Museum of Dr. med. P. Serebrennikov]. Issue. 1- ; Perm. scientific-prom. museum. - Perm: ed. The Museum, 1904-1915. - 25. - .
I. Serebrennikov, Pavel Nikolaevich (1849-1917).
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Issue. 5: [Stroganov cross. A brief description of the village of Pyantezhsky and the ancient church in it. Verkhoturye royal letters (the beginning of the XVII century). On the rituals of betrothal and enlightenment (ritual actions, lamentations, songs, conspiracies, etc.) among the Transural Great Russians (according to the surveys of the Shmakovsky village of the Irbit district); Images of the beauty of the Divine by the wedding weddings and ceremonies of the village of Shmakovsky Irbitsky district of the Perm Gubernia. Doctor V.Ya. Kokosov: Short autobiography. intelligence. In memory of Vsevolod Alexandrovich of Vladimir. Historical and statistical information on mining plants that arose in 1623 to 1910 in the basin of the Kama River and its rapprochement with S.-Dvina with the indication of their basis, the name of the founder, the geographical location of the factories and the size of the factory dachas. The manuscript on birch bark. Rural conspiracies are inherent. - 1915. -VIII, 116 p., 3 l. yl .. - .
I. Kokosov, Vladimir Yakovlevich (1845-1911). II. Vladimirsky, Vsevolod Alexandrovich. III. Bogoslovsky, Pavel Stepanovich (1890-1966).
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