Russian word. 1864. October

The Russian word
1864. October: Lit.-Polit. Journal: Year 6. - [Type. Ryumin and Comp.], 1864. - [508] p. Sec. pag. : tab. -
Contained: Episodes from the novel "The old looks old, the young grows". 7. Ptizh / G.N. Potanin. Diseases of the sensory organism: (End) / N.V. Shelgunov. Two generations: (Roman Shpilgagen, 7-17.) Historical and geographical distribution of the Russian population: (Ending) / AP Shchapov: Rainy day: (Stihotv. From Longfellow) / E. Zinov, [and others.] - Bibliography in the footnotes and in the text.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher [Тип. Рюмина и комп.]

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