Russian bulletin. 1888. T. 198. [№ 9]. September

Russian Herald
1888. T. 198. [№ 9]. September. - St. Petersburg: Type. T-va "Public benefit", 1888. -436 pp. : tab. -
Contents: The last Jagiellon and the Lublin union / [Soch.] D.I. Ilovaysky. When, the sanctuary of the soul ...: Poem / [Op.] Gr. A.A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov. The youth. Part 2, Ch. IX-XI / [Com.] K.F. Orlovsky. Peter the Great in 1688-1701 / [Soch.] A. B-na. The first political dinners in Russia / [Soch.] N.A. Lyubimov, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. and in the text otd. articles.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Тип. Т-ва "Общественная польза"

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