Russian Bulletin.1876. T. 122. [№ 3].March

Russian Bulletin1876. T. 122. [№ 3].March.- Univ.a type.(Ratops), 1876. - [462] p.section.Pag.: Tab .. -Stall.region: Russian Bulletin, published by M. Katkov.Content: Ekaterininsk Commission 1767-1769.GLVII - VIII / [OP.] PBBlank.Excerpts from my memories.GLI-VI / [Op.] A.L.Zisserman.King and peasant: (from Zeidl): poem / [cit.] FBMiller.My first tests and successes, temptations and affairs: memories of Odyssey Polychroniades, Zagorsk Greek.GLXIII - XVII / [OP.] K.N.Leontiev.Two fates: Roman Wirch Collins.GLIX-XIII: Translation from English, [et al.].- a substrateNote.And in the text off.Articles..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Унив. тип. (Катков)

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