Russian bulletin. 1883. T. 167. [No. 10]. October

Russian Herald
1883. T. 167. [No. 10]. October. - [Univ. a type. (M. Katkov)], [1883]. -4, 473-916, 2, 2 seconds. : il .. -
According to. reg.: Russian bulletin published by M. Katkov.
Contents: The Life of Peter III before the accession to the throne: Part Four. Ch. I-IV / [Comp.] A.G. Brikner. Found: Historical novel: In two parts: (Continuation of the historical novel "The Pugachevites"): Part one. Ch. I-X / [Com.] Of the graph E.A. Salias. New Biography of Byron / [Soch.] N. Sboeva. Adorable freethinker: Roman Uylyama Black: Translated from English: Ch. I-IX. Pugachev near Orenburg: Ch. VIII-X / [Comp.] NF. Dubrovin, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. and in the text otd. articles.
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher [Унив. тип. (М. Катков)]

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