Russian Bulletin.1887. T. 191. [№ 10].October

Russian Bulletin1887. T. 191. [№ 10].October.- [UNIV.a type.(M. Katkov)], 1887. -471-926, 2 s.: cards .. -Stall.Prize: Russian Bulletin, published by S. Katkova.Content: Russia, England and Prussia 1787-1791: Ch.1-9 / [cit.] A.G.Brikner.Twice spring does not happen: comedy at 2 d. / B.M.Poem / [cit.] A.A.Feta.Political debauchery: "Loading" and "People" (terrorists): Analysis experience: Ch.2-3 / [cit.] N.V.Shcherban.Youth: Roman: Ch.4-7 / [cit.] K. Orlovsky, [et al.].- a substrateNote.And in the text off.Articles..I. Katkova, with ..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher [Унив. тип. (М. Катков)]

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