Children's literature. 1936, No. 11

Critical-bibliographical research institute (Moscow)
Children's Literature: Bulletin of the Critical-Bibliographic Institute - Moscow, 1932-1941, 1965- [between 2005 and 2010] -
In 1932 the publication was included in the series "The Book of Builders of Socialism"
Titles: 1932, 1935 - 1941 Children's literature; 1933 - 1934 Children's and youth literature; from 1935 - "D"
Main editors: 1965-1996 Sergei Petrovich Alekseev (1922-2008), 1996-? Igor Nagaev
Subtitle: 1932 Bulletin of the Critic-Bibliographic Institute; 1933 - 1934 Critical-bibliographic bulletin; 1936 No. 1 - No. 3/4 Journal of Criticism of Children's Literature Body of the Central Committee of the Komsomol; 1936 No. 5 - 1938 No. 15/16 Critical bibliographic two-day of the Central Committee of the Komsomol; 1938 No. 17 - 1941 Monthly literary critic and bibliographic journal of the Central Committee of the VLKSM
Publisher: 1932 OGIZ; 1933 - 1935 Publishing house of the Critic-Bibliographic Institute; 1936 - 1941 Young Guard
The magazine "Children's Literature" was created in Moscow in 1932 under the Central Committee of the Komsomol as a bulletin of the Critical-Bibliographic Institute, with a frequency of 3 times a month (in 1932 there were 21 issues). In 1933-1935, the magazine published every month Since 1936, "Children's Literature" has become a journal of criticism of children's literature and published twice a month (in 1941 there were 5 issues). In 1941, the issue of the magazine was interrupted. In 1965, he resumed. He covered the issues of the current literary process, post-Soviet period of the magazine experienced financial difficulties, absent a clear frequency output, sometimes went double numbers in the second half of the 2000s, the publication ceased to exist
I Alekseev, Sergei Petrovich (writer, 1922-2008) 1 Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection) 2 People (collection) 3 Russian language (collection) 4 Children's literature - USSR - Periodicals 5 Literary magazines - USSR

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1936, No. 11 - 18th printing house of the trust "Polygraphbook", 1936 -48 with: il, portrait -
Contains: The significance of Gorky's creativity for children / A Babushkina Gorky about children's literature and children's reading / Belakhova and L Kon ( C 2-18 [scans 2-18]) Reasonable machines: (About Drozhzhin - "Intelligent machines") / I Svetlanov Dzin-Dzin: (N Bulatov, L Kassil, P Lopatin - "In the country of Dzin-Dzin") / A GrammachtikovThe story of Ukrainian writer Donchenko: (Donchenko Oles - "Fatherland") / And Zhelobovsky, [and others] - Bibliography in the text and footnotes - Copy without cover, with handwritten notes
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1 Russian language (collection) 2 Russia in persons (collection) 3 Maxim Gorky (collection) 4 People (collection)
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Location of original: ЛОДБ
Publisher 18-я типография треста "Полиграфкнига"