The Grand Duch of Lithuanian during the conclusion of the Lublin Unce to the death of Stephen Batory (1569-1586).T. 1.

Lappo, Ivan Ivanovich (1869-1944).The Grand Duch of Lithuanian During the conclusion of Lublin Unce to the death of Stephen Batory (1569-1586): Experience research.Polit.and societies.Building.T. 1: T. 1 / I.I.Lappo.- St. Petersburg: Type.I.N.Skorohodov, 1901. -1 t .;23. - (notes of the historical and philological faculty of the Imperial Saint Petersburg University; Ch. 61).-2nd t. Auditated: Great Principality Lithuanian in the second half of the XVI century.Lithuanian-Russian tets and his sail..I. Batatory, Stephen (Paul. King; 1533-1586).Electronic Source: PBT. 1. - 1901. - [2], XVI, 780 s .. -.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Тип. И.Н. Скороходова

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