Herald of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.In 1851, Ch. 3

Herald of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.- St. Petersburg: B. and., 1856.I. Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore.Library.Electronic Source: PBIn 1851, Part 3 / Ed.Committee, chaired by K.I.Arsenyev, make up the following d.Oh-Va: A.P.Bolotov et al;Ed.: D. Chl.O-VA A.A.Kraevsky.- A type.military.-study.establishments, 1851. - [608] p.section.Pag.: Il., Table .. -Bibliogr.in the text..I. Kraevsky, A.A. II.Bolotov, A.P. III.Arsenyev, K.I.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher тип. Воен.-учеб. заведений

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