Right: week.juridgas..- SPB .. 1916 No. 46. November 20

Right: week.juridgas..- SPB.1916 No. 46. November 20.- Petrograd: [Type.T-Va "Ekateringof furnace. Case"], 1916. -2497-2562 STB.: Tab .. -Content: questioning questions, as a reason for the cancellation of acquittles: (Practice of the Criminal Cassation Department in 1915).Remuneration for the incorrect charge in case of termination of the criminal case before the court.About the responsibility of spare and militias for fraudulent actions and failure / M. Ravich.Government actions.Judicial reports, [and others].- Bibliogr.in a substrateNote.And in the text off.Articles..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher [Тип. Т-ва "Екатерингофское печ. дело"]

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