Materials on the study of places of weaving immigrants in the Altai district.Altai compilation.Vol.1. Economic tables

Shvetsov, Sergey Porfiryevich (1858-1930).Materials for the study of places of departure of immigrants in the Altai District: RESULTS STAT.Research in 1894.1-2 / [Op.] S.P.Shvetsova.- Barnaul: Oh-in research lovers.Altai, 1899. -2 t .;24. - (Altai Collection).Electronic Source: PBVol.1: Economic tables.- ch.UPR.Alt.County, 1899. -266 p.section.Pag.: Tab .. - (Altai Collection; T. 4, Vol. 1).Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Типолит. при Гл. упр. Алт. округа

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