Project of the Russian Constitution

Kupernik, Lev Abramovich (1845-1905).Project of the Russian Constitution: (Sost. In Russia): with Article S. Stepnyak [organic and random items in political programs of Russian democrats] / [C forestel.][F.V.Volkhovsky].- 2nd ed.-London: Publ.[And Print] by "The Fund Of Russian Free Press", 1895. -14 s.;20. - (editions of the Foundation of the Volina Russian Press; Vol. 16).-Stall.Also in English.Yaz.In KN.Also: the appeal of the Folk Right Party (which appeared in 1894)..I. Stepnyak-Kravchinsky, Sergey Mikhailovich (1851-1895).II.Kravchinsky, Sergey Mikhailovich (1851-1905).Electronic Source: PB
Publisher publ. [and print] by "The fund of Russian free press"

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