National economy in new revolutionary Russia

Klinihidze, A.Z.National economy in the new revolutionary Russia / Sost.A.Z.Klinihidze, A. B.Ivanov on lectures, read.For emissaries sent for food work in the province: Minister.A.V.Poecechonov, Tov.Minister Anisimov, Titov, Instructors of Zephyrov, Pruss, and others. Representatives of M-in food, agriculture, etc. - Petrograd: p.d., 1917. -70 s.;21. -.I. Ivanov, A.B .. II.Poecekhonov, Alexey Vasilyevich (1867-1933).III.Anisimov, Viktor Ivanovich (1875-1920).IV.Titov, Alexander Andreevich (1878 not earlier 1958).V. Marshmallows.Vi.Pruss.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Прод. комис. Центр. испол. ком. Всерос. сов. р. и с. д.

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