List of urban hospitals .... on September 12, 1914.on September 12, 1914

List of urban hospitals ... / Moscow City public administration, organization of assistance to the wounded and sick soldiers.- Moscow: City Typography, 1914-.-.I. Moscow City Organization for Wounded Help and Patient Worships.1.People (collection).2. First World War (Collection).3. World War II - Medical Support - Russia - 1914 - 1918.BBK 63.3 (2) 534-284.5BBK 51.1 (28), 21Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: GPIBOn September 12, 1914: on September 12, 1914 / Mosk.Mountainssocieties.UPR.Organization of assistance to the wounded and sick soldiers.- 1914. -32 s .. - -In KN.Also: Evacuation Points: Addition 1;List of hospitals of the military department: Addition 2..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Городская типография

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