The fruits of work of prosaic writings of G. Baron A. Galler, Velmazbi Gumen-Yukskogo and Eklagnensky, Kavalera of the Northern ...

Galler, AlbrechtThe fruits of works of prosaic writings of G. Baron A. Galler, Veelmazbi Gumen-Yuksky and Eklagnes, Kavalera Northern Star, President of the Royal Assembly of Sciences in Gettinga and Economic Society in Bern ... - St. Petersburg: B., 1783. -Devoted before the text: "His high-speed Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov ..."..I. Shuvalov, Ivan Ivanovich.Electronic Source: PBPart 1: containing the image of an unimlessly in the state uniqueness in the formation of the Eastern Test described / trans.with it.Yaz.Care of N.P.- free type.Shan, 1783. -X, 11-468, [3] with .. -.I. N.P.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Вольная тип. у Шнора

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