In the rear

In the rear: lit.-art.alm.Cash regulations "Mash" students Riga.Polytechnic.In-ta / [regionArt.S. Grunenberg].- Petrograd: KN-in b.M.V.Popov, 1915. -230 p.;22. -From pre-following: Inzh.-tehnol took over the despilation of this collection.Max Abramovich Bloch and Alfred Ivanovich Kraklis ...Authors: Leonid Andreev, Anna Akhmatova, prof.F. Batyushkov, Acad.Castleprof.V. Bekhters, Valery Bryusov, Walden, Acad.V. Vernadsky, Z. Hippius, S. Grunenberg, N. Gumilev [and others]..I. Grunenberg, Sergey Nikolaevich (1888-1934).II.Bloch, Max Abramovich (1882-1941).III.Kraklis, Alfred Ivanovich (1872-1911).IV.Riga Polytechnic In-T (until 1917)."Mutual assistance", the office of students.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Книгоиздательство бывш. М. В. Попова
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