Therapeutic water, dirt and sea bathing in Russia and abroad

Burtenson, Lev Bernardovich (1850-1929).Therapeutic water, dirt and sea bathing in Russia and abroad: classification, chemical.Composition, action and testimony for use: a lead guide.Locality / Lev Burtenson.- 4th ed., MAKE.Pererab.and meaning.extra.-Sanct-Petersburg: K.L.Ricker, 1901. -XII, [2], 778 p., [15] l.Table.;25. -In the 1st ed.Titled: Mineral waters, sea bathing and dirt in Russia and abroad.Dedicated.Edward's memory Eduardovich Euchild and Nikolai Alesheevich Voronikhina.Bibliography: "Literature" (p. 700-746)..I. Euchild, Edward Eduardovich.II.Voronikhin, Nikolai Alesheevich.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher К.Л. Риккер

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