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Practical school encyclopedia: Desktop CN.For people teaches.and other nearest figures in the field of Nar.image./ Under total.ed.N.V.Tulupova and P.M.Shestakova.- Moscow: ed.journal"For a people's teacher," 1912. -819, [25] p.: Tab .. -In the presented."Encyclopedia" included article trail.Awn: A.E.Anikina, V.K.Arkadyev, V.M.Babakova, A.A.Borzov, I.I.Voskoboinikova, [and others].- Item.Declaration: with.815-817.- questionPedagogy and Nar.image.Over the past 5 years: p.778-787.- the text.- Ex.: No oblast..I. Shestakov, PM .. II.Tulupov, N.V.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Изд. журн. "Для народного учителя"

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