Reader in the ancient Church-Slavic and Russian language.Ch. 1. Ancient monuments

Karinsky, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1873-1935).Readings in the ancient Church-Slavic and Russian language: a guide in the un-tah and others. Higherstudies.establishments.Part 1. - St. Petersburg:, 1904. -1 t .;25. -.Electronic Source: PBPart 1: The Ancient Monuments: With Admissionwords., 19 auto.Snapshots with Treeckerskovoslav.Manuscripts and 2 Tab., Content.Snapshots with the letters of the verbal zogram of the Gospel and the small handwriting of Ostromirov Gospel.- 1911. -XII, 215 p., 18 liters.Il .. -.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher тип. Имп. Акад. наук

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