Sevastopol and its defense of 1854-1855

Popova, Olga Nikolayevna (1849-1907).
Sevastopol and its defense of 1854-1855: With 5 fig. and 2 cards. / HE. Popova. - St. Petersburg: Ed. HE. Popova, 1905. -128 pp., 2 liters. to., pl. : ill., Port. ; 19 cm. -
Dedicated to the memory of his defenders.
Bibliography: "Works that served as a guide for the compilation of the book ..." (p. 127). - Ex .: without obl., With rukop. litter.
1. Territory (collection).
Source of electronic copy: PB
Location of original: Gd Franco
Publisher Изд. О.Н. Поповой

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