Archive Prince F.A.Curakina published by ed.M.I.Semevsky.Kn.8. Archive of Prince F.A.Kurakina

Archive Prince F.A.Curakina published by ed.M.I.Semevsky: KN.1-10.- St. Petersburg: Type.V.S.Balasheva, 1890-1902.- 24. -Place ed.: KN.4-8 Saratov;kn.9 Astrakhan;kn.10 Moscow.Type: KN.4-8 Yakovlev's Frontier;kn.9 Steam lips.a type.;kn.10 type-lit.Grossman and M.I.Semevsky and V.N.Smolyaninov;kn.4-10: V.N.Smolyaninov.Kn.3-10 of the text on the FR.Yaz..I. Sejevsky, Mikhail Ivanovich (1837-1892).II.Smolyaninov, Vladimir Nikolaevich (1861-).III.Kurakin, Fedor Alekseevich (1842-).Electronic Source: PBKn.8: Archive Prince F.A.Curakina / ed.Honorary CHL.Archaeologist.In-she Prince F.A.Curakin ed.V.N.Smolyaninova.- T-in "Stanta S.P. Yakovlev", 1899. -XII, 509, [2] p.: Tab .. -All accumulating books approved by for acquisition in fundamental B-ki environments.studies.establishments.Bibliogr.In the text and substitution.Note .. - Ex.: no oblast.I. Kurakin, Fedor Alekseevich.II.Smolyaninov, Vladimir Nikolaevich.1.People (collection).Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: Bd Franco
Publisher Т-во "Печатня С.П. Яковлева"

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